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this space for rent

Yes. Offering hosting, if you don't mind living at a somewhat scary domainname. If you're interested, either sign the registry, or drop me a line to say so. Include some indication of what you'd like your domainname to be, knowing that will follow it. For example:

  • gloomy
  • snarky
  • reincarnated
  • talmudic
  • ishotmesome
  • hereliesa
  • notreallya
  • yourea
  • everybodylovesa

Currently Quartered

  • a place, in theory, for desichado writing to live. So in progress it's not funny.
  • It tolls for thee--Ilia's goregous desolations, not to mention her fabulous enchantments.

    Coming Soon

  • Fox's Trees Full of Strangers; mostly Les Mis related stuff and fic, but also neat french 1832 stuff, and lots of invisible people.

If I like you, I'll get back to you. So shalom.