• Quois-- bits of them who are also me. Little fun, meaning small, not less. Also called the Mansion.
  • The Tower- this is the story of a woman-girl who wanted to bulid a Tower. It is very long. It is very surreal. I love it dearly, and it is perpetually in progress. Enjoy.
  • Sotto- Short bit about a different sort of Soul-Town, full of women and song. Ooh wah, ooh wah.
  • Exceptional Times-- A train ride to Berlin involving a pair of now-dead nazis. Dietrich Von Choltitz lives in history as the man-who-didn't-burn-Paris. Robert Ley... oh well.
  • Faces in All Kinds of Places-- Another dead nazi story, about a rather old gypsy woman and her grandaughter, and various faces. And skins, and bones, and... Ah well. I posted it originally in Quois, linked above.


  • November- II III IV V VI VII By Arture Grantaire and Anastasia Miller. A rambling odd fantasy tale that is sort of a companion to the Tower, in that it's the same universal stuff, really. The King Mar'vel, however, is based on Michel-Victor Enjolras, who belongs to a very dear friend of ours, and well... /is/ a very dear friend of ours, besides. *s*
  • A story, by Arture Grantaire, or 'Avior', as he likes to style himself for writing purposes. It's his initials.
  • Another story, by Avior.
  • For Eliese, by Avior.

Poetry. Really.

this is all my stuff. so the copyright is mine. you follow? good. *g*

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