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What's your name when you're not at home?

  • you know nothing of JAVERT! Site for Les Mis Fanfiction, and et ceteras. Amazingly, Up again! Will be-- hopefully-- moving to, if AXLHost ever gets their ever-lovin' act together. Most of the fic is up on though.
  • Resurgientes divide! surradadaist offerings. On hiatus.
  • the desichado thing also on hiatus. Supposed to be moving. Well, only time will tell. Old RP logs, mostly.
  • Chapterhouse Bellicose-- not much here yet, a private sanctum for Felice, a Writer within my head. I use her name, she uses my fingers. Right.

  • my writing journal. Makes boys happy.
  • Sacrilige! Drity!Mizfic, when the boys can squeeze it out of me.
  • rp about an imaginary collage in Maine. Crazy man.
  • the belated tea party a small romanesca danced betwixt Alice, and myself, like the ribbons around a maypole.
  • the lie, the lie, the lie... Or, my livejournal. Mostly a receptacle for silly online tests, and inconsequential blather.
  • Felice's Blurty. Angst, blurt, and verbiage for sacreligious alter-ego.
Other Worlds, rings, etc.