It's all about self-identification

To use, just right click and select 'save image as'. Then upload to your livejournal or blurty or whatever. More to come soon, as soon as I manage to kick photoshop's nazi ass. You don't have to, but if you like, drop me a line or two if you're usin' em. Graci.

dead nazis

Goering is unalive. fuck you, Degaulle! Goebbels just takes an order. Goebbels loves your mom. Instant Karma's gonna get you... *wince* Joseph Goebbels explains it all for you. what's that smell?

Rommell. Eva Braun, party girl. Goebbels is unwell. Damn you, Stauffenberg. Goering is shagadelic. click click. Open up the pearly gates... Paris isn't burning.

wage slaves R us. Dachau.

Other Icons